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My stuff is widely spread over the internet. Almost everything is on one single mediafire account, but the links are not available everywhere.

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Here you find direct links to hair retextures in pooklet's colors which have been formerly occupying a whole entry here on the DW. Also links to where to find my other CC.

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This project took me a while to finish, mainly because I could not decide on the colors. But first - this is a new mesh.
I could not let all my girls run around in ankle boots, flats etc, that's why I started adding shoes with more "class" to a series of meshes. First one is this - gelydh's mini dress. Has all the morphs you need!
The outfit comes in 8 colors from aelia's retro set and features my new and shiny texture for the wedges. The rest is ripped off other people's work.
Btw, the texture is not exportable as it has a blue bumpmap (because blue is awesome!). I will upload an exportable file together with the base texture for the shoes as a resouce soon.

credits: gelydh [community profile] club_crimsyn (mesh parts), stajl (blouse texture), [personal profile] nilou skirt texture

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closeup on shoes



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She is old and I guess I linked to her on my LJ, but that was soooo long ago. 3 years I guess.
As I'm in the mood of reuploading old pixel friends, I chose to share her with you. She's one of my favorite sims of all times and I used her for previews and avatars much too often.

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Lost and forgotten? Nooo way!

Kiery Somers - your freckled pooltable-occupant ... or maybe not. Choice is yours!

Quite an old sim. She'll be 4 years old in September this year, just imagine!

DOWNLOAD (dropbox)

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I owe you guys an apology in the first place. Suddenly I realized there were some term papers due, and along with that I had to apply for internships, there was a risk of me getting kicked out of uni, if I didn't find one... creepy. As soon as my exams were over I started working at a small company that is around 2 hours public traffic travelling time away. Now until the beginning of August I'm doomed - getting up at 5 a.m. and coming home by 7 p.m. ... but on weekends I still play every now and then. And I'm so happy about 4 days of easter vacation!

And to come back to posting title - it was not a good idea going to nilous livejournal account! Those pics got me hooked on TS3 again!!! ... Seems like my game can look pretty at times, too. But I don't have that many downloads and that's mostly visible in my houses - poorly decorated with maxis objects

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Just completed the updated swatches for our paranoid!-haircolors. Recently I have decided to edit two neons: I darkened "flamingo" down to make it more a neon pink than a "my little pony-pink", which was highly unsuitable for males. Also "fluorescent" was edited so that it became even more agressive. It's an acid green after all. My actual reason for editing fluo was to give the texture more contrast in the end.

And now I'm sitting here with SimPE, Photoshop and an open excel sheet and I'm replacing the old textures, editing preview pics, packing complete sets... hell, this is a chaos!
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I started a neighborhood that will be used for anything else but generation-to-generation breeding puposes. So I downloaded this nehgborhood replacement for the "dirt" texture that I found cute, it gives the neighborhood a more rural look. And what else to call such a neighborhood other than... Farmville? (I don't play it myself btw).
On Truffle Street you will find smaller homes for a single sim or a couple without children.

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I promised picspam, now there is some. This is a maxismatch neighborhood I started after lurking around some LJs, especially nilou's. Her Monty Ranch inspired me to do something similar with mine, too... well, at least the exterior.
Also [personal profile] poettchen  asked me to show some maxismatch pics, as she felt like noone in our forum is playing that style ^^

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I've got them finished, finally!

Been working on a new skintone set since December... or was it even November.

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And my othe banner lady - from my LJ layout, Penelope Grumbles!

She's also my favorite model sim. Unfortunately I don't play much with her. That's the fate of mos of my model sims... Urgh, my head is so heavy today, I've gotta go to bed. Just this one upload.

(I like this thingie ^.^ , you may steal it from me)


seems like the pic was taken before my cleanout and the earring mesh got lost. Sorry, now you miss the chance of having neon orange hoops in your game...


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Today I finally got my lazy ass up (or maybe down, on the chair. It's a matter of how you see it) and brought you my two banner ladies.

First one is Azzie, maybe she's collected more of my own CC than any other sim I ever uploaded... though I'm not quite sure.

just a warning about skin and eyes

important! - clothing mesh is edited by me (morphs added) and does NOT AUTOMATICALLY replace the existing one. You've got to do it yourself.
I believe the nose ring is from BV addon (means "use cleaninstaller, you n00bs!"), scarf mesh included.
Aaaaand last thing - lipstick replaced. My own set sucks and I don't find time to fix that.



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I know I promised this one long ago. Either I had no time or I simply forgot.
This is the resource for this set.

What's included:
- PSD with base texture and the fabric overlay that I used for my edits
- alpha (just in case)
- grey colored base package for export. My original ones won't export because of blue bumpmap
- pretty blue bumpmap both textured and untextured - for the extra neat look. You won't have to make your own
- SAU mesh

please please, use a blue bumpmap, b/w is laaaaame >.<
I have no policy for those files, do what you want with them, just stay away from paysites. Paysites are evil.
Drop a note here, if you used them, I'd love to see - and have them! ^.^

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it's been a while. My laptop spent the week before christmas time in the service... And I got addicted to poupeegirl. But that's another story.

But let's quit the blah blah. There's a good reason why I'm here.

Started somewhere in October or so. I promised to upload them an eternity ago, but I couldn't get to make a preview pic. I always remembered when I wasn't in the game and forgot about it when I was.
Handpainted texture with fabric overlay from CG Textures . I decided not to release the "plastic" version, though I remember I was asked to do it.
IF there's demand, I can release a creators' template, so you can edit them (what about a ducky pattern?)

19 colors from pooklet's actions. Neons + brown, black, beige (blond), ginger. Dark teal from me.