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I promised picspam, now there is some. This is a maxismatch neighborhood I started after lurking around some LJs, especially nilou's. Her Monty Ranch inspired me to do something similar with mine, too... well, at least the exterior.
Also [personal profile] poettchen  asked me to show some maxismatch pics, as she felt like noone in our forum is playing that style ^^

Veronaville was the first neighborhood I ever loaded, back then, in 2004. After that I started to play there several times, but never got past 5 days per family.
This time I started with the Montys, rebuilding the Monty Ranch. In general I like the Montys. They are not only good looking (although a matter of taste ^^), but they also have something to them... I like to call it frankness.

I somehow liked the idea of split roofs and used it for the two other Monty houses, too.

I still don't know what to do with all the space on the roof...

I felt like this house needs its entrance to be properly marked

The kitchen stayed almost as it was. Where the chessboard was before I now placed a pool table (not pictured).

Dining table stayed in the same spot, too.

The small hallway to the senior Montys' bedroom was enlarged and transformed into a room where one can chill and read a book.

I like uniformly colored rooms. I just like them. Might be tasteless, though, but I just felt like it.

Mercutio's room.

A room I placed instead of the bathroom separating the boys' rooms. Features also a pinball machine.

Romeo's room. I thought a b/w modern style might be the right thing for a true modern romance sim.

One of the bathrooms. I had to show at least one.

The boys' "wing" in an overview. The walls are empty as I don't have that many objects in my maxismatch anygame.

I mentioned it, the pool table. Patrizio stayed very much the same.

Isabella. Her hobby is fitness so she behaves a bit out of place jumping and running arount the neigborhood all the time.

That was a bit Romeo spam. He's just too cute! I never liked him before, but nilou's skindefault makes him look adorable!

And the same thing they do to Mercutio. I aged him up, as with my modified agecons mod he would be an adult already with his 21.
I plan to make him a professional gardener. Maybe even plantsim... we'll see.

Next I moved in Antonio and his twins Benedick...

... and Beatrice.

Not much to show from the house as i don't like to cheat money. This is the most "decorated" room so far. Even with the inherited extra money (Patrizio died on the second day) they couldn't afford more.

Apparently schools in Veronaville are not much more interesting than they are here.

I just love the look on his face. He looks as if he paints the next Mona Lisa.

If only I had the same self discipline as my sim kids. The twins get one A+ after another.

This never ceasing gender conflict...

They grew up. Beatrice - bellissima!

Benedick lost that something he had as a kid.

Then I moved in Bianca and got this. Her father's death hit her hard, but gave her financial support for nest building purposes *muaha*

I can't believe Maxis couldn't make more out of her... well, I could!
She looks very much like Beatrice oO.

She found that guy among the newly spawned townies. Two bolts. I let them flirt ONCE and they didn't let off each other. So she got pregnant and I moved him in.

Another meaning of "appetizer", I guess. But a pregnant woman is allowed to do anything, right?

Comments are not a hit, I know. My conversational English lacks practise.

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