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My stuff is widely spread over the internet. Almost everything is on one single mediafire account, but the links are not available everywhere.

hair edits - pooklet colors
- Gonna leave this town - peggy female edit
- Suicidal Cats - remix of peggy male mesh
- Rapunzel - peggy fem mesh (6008)
- Expensive Taste - peggy female (5651)
- Dance Dance - fionn's retro curls
- Poem to myself - yagisims peg-newsea male mesh
- Not Your Style - coolsims male70 alpha edit
- Euphoria is Over - peggy 6405 alpha edit
- Ma Poupée - peggy 6322 alpha edit
- 6000 Miles apart - coolsims female60
- Shotgun Wedding - peggy 5754 alpha edit
- Tragic Affair - rosesims37
- Akihabara - zanki99 male
- Call me Superman - peggy male

- doedel up! - male shirts in pooklet's neon colors
 -turn off teletubbies - toddler girl outfits ind pooklet's neon colors

misc stuff

- Unnatural selection - SAU scarf retextures (go here for creators pack)
- Evanescent - skintone blends

-Penelope Grumbles
-Azzie Votolato
-Auggie Headburn
-Nevvile Yorton

-Kiery Somers
-Pola Bilou

hair edits

- Clive hair - Louis copypasta
- Peggy F4697 | 2008 wheel prize hair
- Rose 46 | Rose 48 | peg Feb'09 gift | PeggyG005 gift
- Raon male 39 | Rose 103
- peggy F4852 | PeggyG 008 gift | Peggy F4902 (2 alphas) | Helga 076
- peggy 5125 (kale's edit) | peggy 5113 | peggy 3098 | newsea F17 | newsea M22
- Fatale Mirage - (8k M002) neon streaks (external link)
- Mirage - (8k M002) natural edits
- Bobtails - peggy free hair | Same Routine - cottonhouse mesh | Origin - Rose 43
- Helga's updo bun | 'Minnie Mouse' - peggy edit | Day Before Tomorrow - peggy male edit | Curly Sam - peggy Oct'09 gift
- Pour the Champagne - peggy edit | Snow Can Wait - Rose 105 edit
- Curly Sam(antha) - female version of Peggy's Oct'09 gift
- Where the bullets fly - peggy long female hair edit

- Madeleine O'Brien, Livia, Máire & Noel, Gavin
- Nathan & Lyle Thenardi, Sawyer Brennan, Ilan Richards, Corelie Blue
- Ivor Merrydoll
- Miki, Tarou, Sunny Skye, Cloudless Skye (external links)

other stuff (like genetics)
- first eyeset
- 3-of-a-kind enayla eyeblend | e-studio/jirka/rensim skinblends
- CANDYBARS skintone set
- CANDYBARS addon (wilt default + custom alien tones)

-Hair retextures' paradise - textures, brushes

hair edits
raon f86 edit & raon f84 edit (two sets I'm ashamed of >.<)
-[whatever title you like] - peggy's april '09 edits (naturals+metallics)
-[Everything About You] - peggy m4434 recolors
-[A Bad Bet] - peggy male edit (the 'emo style hair')
-[Nervous Wreck] - peggy m3277 re-alpha/retexture
-[I wait for the sign] - raonF40 curly edits

-Genevieve Noir
-Porcelain Merrydoll
-Kiery Somers

-[Leave Your Overcoats] - neon vest recolors for females
-[Song With Mechanism] - neon retextures of Aelia's rose skirt mesh

SimsSecrets (description is in german)
-Pola Bilou (yes, that blue haired annoying girl)
-Salem Samson
-Sunny Skye
-Cloudless Skye
-Snow White (fantasy contest sim)


A small change in the policy - I don't want to see my stuff on paysites, the exchange or
This rule applies especially for my custom content (and I make an emphasis on the last site!)

My sims you can use them for anything you like - legacy, modeling, creating your own face templates (for more or less private use)...

As for the resouces - a little credit would be appreciated. The good evil people (us) follow the rule:  Feel free to steal, but always tell who it's stolen from ^_^

Sort of Credits

meshes are always included an are mainly Peggy's, as are the alpha pieces that I tend to stick on other meshes

and stuff I ALWAYS use:
colors (I'm worth nothing without 'em) - pooklet
awsome curly textures chopped off and prepared to play with - Aelia



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