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I owe you guys an apology in the first place. Suddenly I realized there were some term papers due, and along with that I had to apply for internships, there was a risk of me getting kicked out of uni, if I didn't find one... creepy. As soon as my exams were over I started working at a small company that is around 2 hours public traffic travelling time away. Now until the beginning of August I'm doomed - getting up at 5 a.m. and coming home by 7 p.m. ... but on weekends I still play every now and then. And I'm so happy about 4 days of easter vacation!

And to come back to posting title - it was not a good idea going to nilous livejournal account! Those pics got me hooked on TS3 again!!! ... Seems like my game can look pretty at times, too. But I don't have that many downloads and that's mostly visible in my houses - poorly decorated with maxis objects

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I started a neighborhood that will be used for anything else but generation-to-generation breeding puposes. So I downloaded this nehgborhood replacement for the "dirt" texture that I found cute, it gives the neighborhood a more rural look. And what else to call such a neighborhood other than... Farmville? (I don't play it myself btw).
On Truffle Street you will find smaller homes for a single sim or a couple without children.

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I promised picspam, now there is some. This is a maxismatch neighborhood I started after lurking around some LJs, especially nilou's. Her Monty Ranch inspired me to do something similar with mine, too... well, at least the exterior.
Also [personal profile] poettchen  asked me to show some maxismatch pics, as she felt like noone in our forum is playing that style ^^

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