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I started a neighborhood that will be used for anything else but generation-to-generation breeding puposes. So I downloaded this nehgborhood replacement for the "dirt" texture that I found cute, it gives the neighborhood a more rural look. And what else to call such a neighborhood other than... Farmville? (I don't play it myself btw).
On Truffle Street you will find smaller homes for a single sim or a couple without children.

I tried to match the lot with the neigborhood texture.

You see, I was "shopping" on curiousB's journal.

Too bad I  lost the picture of the dining corner viewed from the kitchen...

After [personal profile] littlerunningbee mentioned it, I changed the wallpaper behind the picture to a neutral one.

Bedroom: juicy and fruity!

Bathroom was blue before. But that was too much blue. So now a fresh lemony yellow.

So that was all from 12 Truffle Street. Now on to its neighbor.

Thanks to dark_lady ([personal profile] whispersofobscurity ) for helping me to find that fence ^^

Why does it always look so awful, when you place a ceiling under the roof?

Another look into the living room, now from the far corner of the kitchen.

Quicky: Find the bed!

Maybe it's too patterned again...

I think I at least will try to give the curtains and the sofa a plain color.

Bathroom is pretty small, only 2x3. Enough for a sim, but  there is not much space for picture taking.

This "traditional" bathroom pic marks the end...

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